equality & justice

april 2004.

i was returning home after an afternoon stroll with anastasia. we were walking towards our homes until we reached the crossroad of “goodnight.” there we stood for a while to conclude our conversation before parting. a cross kiss, an embrace, and my eye captured an image that follows me to this day. anastasia had placed her keys one by one between her fingers, forming an improvised brass knuckle. My gaze is full of wonder, hers full of naturalness.

march 2024.

still, women return to their homes, armed, improvised or not, to protect themselves.

from whom? from us.

from patriarchy.

you don’t notice its presence unless it expresses itself through criminal acts.

to begin with, no one wonders why patriarchal rules exist 

instead of rejecting them, we continue to perpetuate the same irrational cycles.

it’s not a theory or definition. it exists in life. in your grandmother’s life, in your mother’s life, in your life, and in your children’s lives.

it’s sustained and perpetuated from generation to generation by women and men.

every day, in every home, it’s almost universally accepted.

we must erase any system that puts one person above another. we must educate our children about their value as human beings. it’s a matter of life.

today, the 8th March, the day of remembrance of the struggles of the women’s rights movement, some questions arise instead of wishes.

– how is it to be a woman in a world that seems to have predetermined you?

– how do you deal with sexism in your workplace and how does it affect your professional development?

– how is it to try to affirm your professional and personal worth in a world that often questions you because of your gender?

– how do you deal with the pressure to succeed in all areas of your life, including professional, personal, and family?

– how do you face the expectation to take on the majority of childcare and parenting, even when you work full time?

– how do you deal with inequality in wages and promotion opportunities in your job?

– how is it to be a woman in a world that commodifies your body in every possible way for profit?

– how is it to be a woman in a world that constantly reminds you of your limits and weaknesses, simply because you were born a woman?

i’m sorry that even today, equality and justice remain mere ambitions.