i am yorgos

i am yorgos.

i haven’t solved all my problems. i’m far from it, for sure.

i like hugs and gifts, but i don’t always have them.

i don’t like eating alone.

some days I wake up feeling irritable, and it lasts all day.

other days, I wake up feeling good and believe I can accomplish a lot.

some days, I don’t even want to get out of bed.

i don’t like being late for my appointments, but i don’t care much if others are late.

i’m annoyed by pretentious people, and those you address in the plural but respond in the singular, and vice versa.

i don’t judge, and I don’t expect anything from anyone. i expect lies from some. or maybe I would like to expect them.

i cry often, and i’m okay with that.

i love my past very much, but I don’t live in it, nor with it.

i laugh a lot at the phrase “When you really want something, the whole universe conspires to help you achieve it.” no. the universe doesn’t conspire. the universe doesn’t care.

i don’t believe that friends reveal themselves in difficult times but rather in easy ones.

i am yorgos, and i’ve changed a lot in my life the past years in all areas. in some things, I become better, in some, i remain the same, and in some, i worsen.

i dislike capital letters.

i have undergone psychotherapy and coaching.

i want to express my emotions without caring if they are liked.

i chose to help, empower, and encourage others because i realized that’s what I’ve always done. because that was me.

i’m not liked by everyone, and I don’t want to be liked by everyone.

i want to love and be loved. we all want someone to love us and, of course, to show it.

i regret things i did and things I didn’t do.

i often make mistakes, but I also make very good stuffed vegetables.

it’s okay not to be okay all the time.

i am yorgos, and i’m very happy about it. not all the time, of course.

whatever happens to me, i never stopped listening to people, and i find that important.

yorgos makris